It can be extremely difficult to find the perfect words when looking for a funny 50th birthday poem. Finding a funny 50th birthday poem that will not only make someone laugh but is special, personal and uplifting can be quite a quest.

If you are going to write the poem yourself try to concentrate on funny aspects of the persons personality such as their annoying habits, embarrassing moments or a funny catch phrase they use over and over again. Combining these qualities will help you build a funny 50th birthday poem.

There are of course people that are willing to create a funny 50th birthday poem on your behalf. All you need to do is find an online poet, send him or her as much information as you can and they will produce a funny 50th birthday poem for you that is both unique and personal.

An example of a funny 50th birthday poem would be

Hike It!

I would like to tell you a story,

I think it will be one you like,

because it's about a special person,

and a rather special hike.

Life has plenty of valleys,

with many a mountain to climb,

sometimes its hard to find the track,

at others its hard to find the rhyme.

But you are such a wonderful person,

you have risen to the challenges in your life,

a successful career, a beautiful home,

you are a caring Mom and a loving wife.

But life does not always go to plan,

you can get stuck in a crevice or two,

but you have always kept calm and collected,

you have always known just what to do.

And we all miss your Mom so very much,

life can not always be a calm and placid sea,

but it is nice that you felt close to her,

when climbing (and rhyming) your poetry.

You are a genuine and caring person,

you have been there when it mattered the most,

we all know that we can rely on you,

you are like a dependable leaning post.

You have been both judge and jury,

counselled many a case over so many years,

you have waded through rivers of emotion,

and probably sailed across a lake of tears.

It must have been hard for you,

reading those lines each and every day,

and then to come home each night,

and not act out the words in the play.

And now your Fifty years are up,

that is about 17,250 days,

but you are still growing so much,

you are growing in so many exciting ways.

And you are a bit of a roamer,

everybody knows that you love to rove,

but beware that two pots and an absent mind,

usually make for a very hot and smoky stove !

And we wonder at your wandering,

off you go when the weather is fine,

wandering into a rock or two,

or wandering right across the line !

So we wanted to wish you the best,

that is what these lines are for,

just know that we love and care for you,

and wish you at least another fifty more.

And as this sentiment comes to an end,

we hope indeed that you like it,

because we have one last wish for you:

Go chase your dream, GO Hike It!

Once you have written your funny 50th birthday poem whether it be for you friend, a parent or sibling consider presenting it in a card or something a bit fancy rather than just handing them a piece of paper.